Caring for Nat Tiles

Letting cranberry juice or orange juice spill on nat for several hours is a surefire way to get a new stain. As soon as anything spills on your floor, wipe it with a damp cloth to erase any traces left behind. If there are stains left behind, pour a little hydrogen peroxide on top. Leave it for one minute before wiping it with a clean rag. Dry spills can also stain grout, if left alone on the floor. Sweep the coffee grounds, lumps of dirt, and other solid objects as soon as they fall on the floor. You can also go to our website and get regrout bathroom tiles.

Overcome small spots regularly. To avoid doing deep cleaning that is too often, treat small stains once they are present. Use the same cleaning solution, which you use for deep cleaning, but use a spray bottle to deal with the small area that you want to clean.

Use a pencil eraser. For the smallest blemishes, pencil erasers do an amazing job. Choose a white eraser instead of another color, or if you use an eraser other than white, you will end up coloring the grout with an eraser color.

Let the area well ventilated. Mold and mildew often affect grout in the bathroom, which tends to be moist and at the same time steam for hours. Use the exhaust fan after a shower or bath, and wipe the wet tile to keep the grout from moldy.

Use nat fillers. Once a year, using sold grout fillers can help prevent spills from infiltrating the grout quickly, and the grout fillers are useful against bathroom mold and mildew. Choose grout fillers from building materials stores and use them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Sometimes letting the grout remain white is not practical. If you dye your hair or have children who like to use paint in the kitchen, or just don’t want to let the grout sparkle white, consider getting a nat coloring and use it to color the grout with another color. You can choose a color that matches your tile or something completely different to get a contrast effect.

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