These Fashion Tips Are For Women With Pear, Hourglass, And Apple Body Shapes

Discussing clothes to make it look more attractive, women need to consider a number of things. Starting from the shape of the shirt, size, to the material used. Now to shorten your time when dating in choosing clothes, from now on you can pay attention to tips to support you in choosing clothes according to body shape. Meanwhile, you can visit womens clothing stores Kelowna if you want to go shopping with a lot of variations.

Here are some tips on choosing women’s clothing according to the body shape you can do:

Body shaped like a pear

This pear-like body shape has a waist larger than the breast. In addition, it also has a narrower shoulder width compared to the width of the hips and buttocks look fuller. So you who have a body shape like this, suitable to wear dresses or tops that have motifs and use accessories such as scarves or colorful necklaces to create the impression of bold.

To make it look more attractive, choose clothes that are dark in color and look solid for subordinates. Avoid some clothes like tight pants, short skirts, and pencil skirts.

Choice of clothes for women with a body shape like an hourglass

Women who have a body shape like an hourglass have hip humps very clearly like a “Spanish guitar”. If you want to accentuate every curve of your body, then you must choose clothes that can make your environment focus on the waist and hips.

For you who have a body like an hourglass, it is suitable to wear clothes with V-neck tops, dresses, pencil skirts, or shirts to accentuate your breasts and avoid loose clothing.

For those with apple body shapes

Posture such as apples is to have a body shape that looks proportional, the shoulders appear wider than the hips and the waist looks wider than the hips or waistlines that appear unclear. For that, choose a boss who can cover the entire abdominal area, and that stretches just below the hips such as V-neck empire waist dresses, wrap dresses, and A-line shaped dresses.

Avoid using a broad top, because you will look wider. You will be very suitable if you use a cardigan (layering) on the outside to cover the tunic or top on the inside.

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