These Tricks Help Actors To Perform Blocking Well In Drama

The position of the actor/actress when performing on stage is called blocking. When playing drama, the composition of the location of an actor must be arranged in such a way as to make it look attractive and increasingly supportive of the appearance, as well as the story of the drama being played. Determination of the location of the actor is not something that is arbitrary and without purpose but has its own elements of an order, meaning, and aesthetics. Meanwhile, if you also need a ready to use scripts for your performance, we suggest you check out some of the best scripts for the professional actor or amateur actor.

In order to find out more about how to process a good blocking in playing drama, let’s try to apply the following basic principles:

It Can Be Understood

An actor/actress certainly hopes the audience can understand what he is doing on stage. That way means the player can convey the purpose of the story and character. The story is certainly successfully conveyed its meaning when the movements made by the player look reasonable. Fair means that each placement of the player’s position or objects and other properties look in accordance with the conditions that should be and does not look as if made up.

It’s Balanced

Balanced in question is when on the stage, all the positions of players and property must be arranged in such a way so that the composition is right. Setting the location of everything that is on this stage is called setting. It is better if there are no players or objects that are in a group position in a place, do not look biased.

It’s Whole

Whole means the blocking displayed is a complementary whole. Placement of players and property and movements must be mutually supportive and not mutually exclusive. An example is placed in accordance with the story background of the story. The movement and standing position of the players also support the acting that is being played by other players.

The existence of a matter on stage is very meaningful for the sustainability of the performance. Even for a small piece of paper, its role can be very important in a drama.

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