When The Pipe Leaks And Low Water Pressure Becomes A Problem At Home

Some water problems at home can greatly interfere with activities at home. Usually, problems arise, such as leaking pipes and low water pressure so it must require immediate treatment. You can use first call restoration crew service to get immediate repair. Then, what about the solution when the pipes leak and the water pressure is low? Check out the following review.

1 Pipe Leaking
One of the main actors of the problem mentioned earlier. Besides, a leaky pipe also has the potential to pollute a house with a pool of water and will be dangerous for homeowners, especially those of you who have your baby.


– Look for leak points by conducting a thorough inspection. Mark and act. Note: make sure you have closed the faucet and let the pipe dry naturally afterward before performing the following steps.
– Adequate the portion of the leak so that you can put a waterproof adhesive tape on it. This applies to leaks that are not yet serious.
– If double protection is deemed necessary, first apply an adhesive liquid (epoxy) to the leak (make sure the pipe is completely dry naturally after the faucet is turned off). Cover the surface and wait for a few hours and then you tape the waterproof adhesive tape to the surface given the epoxy.
– Cut the leaking part and replace it with a new piece of pipe.

2 Low water pressure
This is no less annoying. Imagine you are in a hurry to go to work or school but must be hindered because the shower can not provide you enough clean water for bathing. The cause of this may be the problem (leak) of the pipe or damage that is indeed from the network or center.


– Not often, the culprit is limited to the shower cap that needs to be adjusted. If it’s like this, try cleaning the showerhead by brushing it and freeing it from various stubborn dirt.
– Check that the showerhead is installed correctly. If loose, fast. If it is too tight, adjust it while trying to see if water will come out.
– Replace the showerhead with a new one. Do not rashly uninstall itself if there is no background or previous related experience. Leave it to the experts to do the dismantling and installation.

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